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  • About Amber Black

    My name is Amber Black and I am a female mixed wrestler and dominatrix. I reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico but you will find me travelling frequently across the U.S. dominating men. A natural athlete, I have excelled in all of the sports which I have played over the years. Though I am extremely dominant, I am also deeply compassionate blending perfectly the sadistic with the sublime.

    I began my apprenticeship at the ripe age of twenty and have been in the fetish world for over ten years. My prowess as a mixed wrestler led me deeper into the BDSM scene. I traveled extensively throughout the U.S. working in many different dungeons. My vast knowledge and real world experience empower me to take complete control and lead you on a tantalizing journey into other realms of pleasure, pain and fantasy. I am aware of boundaries and expect the same from you, do not solicit me for any kind of sexual exchange.

    Whether you are looking for sultry seductress or an extreme, limit pushing master, I will fulfill your deepest desires. My raw beauty, elegant charm, and crushing physical strength will leave you breathless and begging for more. Enter, if you dare, the exquisite world of Amber Black.

    Height: 6'0
    Thighs: 26
    Calves: 17
    Biceps: 13
    Chest: 36DD
    Feet: 10

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  • About My Sessions

    Be it a wrestling session from the Amazon Goddess, Amber Black or straight domination session from Mistress Amber Black that you desire, my sessions are creative and numerous, and I have a session to satisfy any man's fantasy. But for some reason, if you don't see your preferred session listed above, you need just ask me for your preference. Do understand though, that I NEVER do sessions of a sexual nature or ones involving nudity on my part, EVER! If it's sex you're seeking, there are at least several hundred other sites out there that will satisfy those particular desires. I'm a professional Dominatrix and Sessions Wrestler, not a HO!

    Again, I will respect your limits! I'm near 6' and stronger than most men. I can be extremely sadistic and love hurting men. But I can be lighter and appealing. So, you're going to have to tell me how far you would like me to go.







  • Testimonials Page 1

    8/05: "When I first saw Amber at the door I noticed her tall athletic build. She is a very beautiful lady and in great shape. We talked for a few minutes and she made me feel comfortable since I was a little nervous. We agreed on a light fantasy style match with some role play, which she was very good at. Once the match started Amber took me down and controlled me the entire time with excellent use of scissors and pins along with some arm bars. Amber was in total control and whenever I put up any resistance she quickly regained control by increasing the pressure of her holds."

    8/05: "Amber's pictures did not do justice to her beauty. She is truly 5'11" and strong..not soft...(except in all the right places). The session was fantasy/semi competitive wrestling. She toyed with me throughout the session and when I tried harder she just turned up the intensity a bit and kept me in my place. Amber is a great mix of physical strength and feminine beauty."

    10/05: "Amber was way better than advertised. She was open to any suggestions I had for my session. She is a beautiful girl, very strong and had good wrestling skills. She tailored my session exactly the way I wanted, and we both had a great time. I would recommend Amber to anyone looking for a semi-competitive fantasy style match. She was awesome!!"

    10/05: "Amber is a beautiful young woman who is in great shape and who knows how to fight. She is strong and determined and has no problem diving right into the match. We body boxed and wrestled and Amber was competitive and professional the entire time. Amber is personable and fun to be with but make no mistake, she enjoys winning. Her athleticism, size and strength combine to make her quite the competitor."

    11/05: "Amber is everything she says. Tall, sexy, busty and a good wrestler. Our matches were great. She won most of the pins. She also boxes. And our last session was a good one. I wouldn't be surprised if she steps it up on the boxing end too. She has done everything I ask for within reason. And you won't find anyone nicer."

    12/05: "She is a really good looking woman and I was shocked that she had so much knowledge, skill and tenacity when we got into it. She is athletic, strong, focused and willing to do what it takes to go the distance. We body boxed and wrestled and the match was broken up into the two distinct styles. I highly recommend Amber to the man who wants the real deal and is willing to take as well as give. It will surely not be a one sided match."

    Testimonials Page 2

    12/05: "My primary interest is lift & carry; however, I now have found that wrestling can be a very pleasureable experience. Especially if you are wrapped tightly in the arms of someone as pretty and strong as Amber Black. I am a serious runner, and only weigh in at 140lbs, but by no means am I weak. Having rolled around with Amber has made me re-evaluate this fact. She handled me as if I were a child, most of the time. Could lift me EASILY, and absolutely destroyed me arm wrestling. She will totally disarm you with her cute smile and soft pretty features, but when she gets you down, she has you for good. Yes, she really is 5'11" and I would say 185 lbs. of natural strength. I give her 5 stars!"

    3/06: "I met with Amber for a fantasy beat down type of session. I am 175lbs and have enjoyed all of the sessions I have had, but Ambers was the best. She went above and beyond to make my dreams a reality. She did not seem rushed and she managed her time well. Most importantly, she appeared to be having fun with the session, not just making money by going through the motions. She was extremely fun throughout the session. Although she is not a body builder, her scissors were the brutalest I have ever experienced. She punched like a boxer and kicked like a mule. My body ached for a week after our session. It truly was the best session I have ever experienced."

    12/07: "Beatdown session I had with Amber on 12/15/2007 in Philadelphia was great. As others have said, she is more beautiful than her pictures and genuinely very nice and accomodating. Her powerful punching and kicking skills are about the best I've been pummeled by in my 10 years of sessions by more than a dozen women and more than 20 sessions. She also has fine wrestling skills and is pretty diverse in her abilities and talents, and isn't another 1 trick pony like many others out there are. I definitely recommend her for almost any kind of session."

    9/11: "It's not every day that you're wrapped in the arms (and legs) of someone as beautiful and strong as Amber. The session was fantasy/semi and she completely destroyed me. There wasn't a time when I was facing her that she didnt take me down in at least less than 10 seconds. When she pinned me I was completely immoble and that is an understatement. She frequently toyed and taunted me saying "I'm throwing you around like a rag-doll!" I only weigh about 120lbs so there was absolutely nothing I could do against her. She is incredible and I hope to have another session with her soon. I HIGHLY recommend her!"

    Testimonials Page 3

    7/14 "After meeting Amber the first time, I can say she is a beautiful Amazon goddess walking among mere mortal man. The strength and power of her legs is incredible, crushing your skull to the point where you will scream like a little girl. To say the least she could kill a man by crushing your skull and snapping your neck like a small twig if she wanted too, but she will have mercy on you if you ask. When she puts on her high heels she will tower over a 6' 2" man. I myself have had several sessions with Miss Amber Black and it's a lot of fun. Book your session the next time she is in your area and see if you are a man that can stand up to this Amazon beauty." DB Btown Colorado

    8/14: "When I arrived for my session (an hour early), I was initially impressed that it was a 4-star hotel. She saw me without delay. She is exactly whom I was looking for for my particular fetish. She took welcome breaks when she felt it was necessary, and she respected my tolerances (which I'm still learning). I'm new to this scene, and she was extremely painful and fun. I had a great time." Adam from Boston

    5/14: "I have been sessioning with Amber Black for about 9 years now in the Philly area. She looks like a model when you first meet her but don't let that fool you. She is strong and knows how to wrestle very well. I have had to tapout on several occasions and i am a very stong guy because of my profession I pick up heavy stuff all day. If she gets those sexy legs of hers wrapped around you, you are done for. I have had that pleasure numerous times. Amber is well worth your time. She also is very honest and found her very easy to be around as she always makes me feel comfortable."

    "I am writing this review of my session with Amber Black. First off she is so hot it is almost unreal. She has a very tone body and is very tan and beautiful. She threw me down and performed a series of holds on me that took my breath away. She took turns between beating me up and tossing me like a rag doll. Of course she finished me off with a good trampling and a victory pose. Miss Amber smells amazing and is very lovely and sensational. She is so easy to talk to in addition to having beautiful feet. I can't wait for my next session."

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    Amber Black





  • About Amber Black

    Et harum quidem rerum

    My very dominant persona and dominance of men started as young as kindergarten in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where I would beat up the boys that I towered over and sent them home crying with bloody noses and black eyes. They would be lucky if that's the only injuries they suffered. It was then that I realized the meaning of the word "sadistic!" Not that I was a bully, mind you, but boys back then seemed to have something to prove by pushing Me and ;pulling My hair, and the other dumbass things that boys of that age did to girls. But I was out to prove something different to them. So I simply beat them up, and humiliated them in front of their other cretin friends. This continued through higher grades of school and life, where it seemed that men always enjoyed fucking with Me, be it in school or on dates. As I grew older, My tolerance for men hit an all-time low, and I sought something to get even with those lowly pieces of shit! So becoming a Dominatrix was a natural for me. I could control, beat and humiliate men while making money at the same time. Then, through a friend, I heard of sessions wrestling. I figured that this would surely be also a natural for me. I was incredibly strong for a female and ultimately began learning how to wrestle. This would become another outlet for making money while torturing men in a different way. I added to my combative wrestling knowledge by taking Jiu-Jitsu classes, where I also ultimately excelled in that. Years later, I'm now not only Mistress Amber Black, but also Amber Black the Sessions Wrestler as well!